About me

About Me

I have always had a keen interest in sport and exercise from a very young age, partaking in loads of after school sports clubs in primary and secondary school, deciding to persue sport by going into GCSE PE and passing with a B.

I then ventured further into sports by joining Solihull College to do Sport and Exercise Science, where i passed all my subjects, as well as playing sports daily and learning about the human body. 

Personal Training was always a brilliant option to me, as i can expand my knowledge and understanding to everyone that i have transformed and mentally prepared to a healthier lifestyle, where i love to help my clients meet their needs for any type of occasion, such as a transformation, competition weight management or a special day. 

I am into many sports, having previously played football and basketball in my youth, but field hockey and taekwondo have been the sports for me, I started field hockey at 11 years old and been to several clubs, I love the pace and thrill of the game, in which sparked my motivation for exercise, taekwondo is a very mentally calming, self disciplined sport where being calm is key, and also boasts a physical and demanding side of exercise, in which suited me since the age of 4 after being a very energetic child!


> 1st Degree Black Belt 2009, 

>2nd Degree Black Belt 2014,

>1st Star Grade 2011, 

>Key Stage 3 Calthorpe SSP Field Hockey Runners Up 2011,

>Key Stage 3 Calthorpe SSP Field Hockey Champions 2012,

>Key Stage 3 Calthorpe SSP Field Hockey Runners Up 2013,

>Key Stage Calthorpe SSP Field Hockey Champions 2014,

> GTI English Championships 2nd Place Patterns 2015,

>GTI English Championships 2nd Place Sparring 2015,

>Field Hockey Captain, KESH Academy 2011-2015

Personal Training

Personal Training with me will bring a new lease of life, whether it is a wedding, compettiton training or personal pride, i can help discover a better you, i can help you with self discipline, help you not give into temptation and guide you through a nutritional diet to help your needs.

My personal training sessions deliver a high level of expectation and always push the you out of your comfort zone, but for good reason, pushing yourself is hard, but mentally, i can make you believe that you can have any goal you desire, my expertise and helpful guidance will be the way of your future, let me be part of it, and i can make a stronger you.